Ski Chairlift Tips

Below are some Beginning Skiing Video's that show some Ski Chairlift Tips on the proper way to get on and off the ski lift, an example of what not to do, and some epic chairlift falls! This way when you come to Truckee for a Ski Vacation as a beginner, you can do fantastic after watching these Truckee Beginning Skiing Tip Video's!

Boreal Ski Mountain in California

Boreal Ski Mountain and Chair Lift
Photo Credit: Leigh Storz, Owner of

When we first moved to Truckee, we all wanted to learn to ski. It was more difficult for me, because as a single parent living in Truckee alone with two kids, I worried about such things as what would happen if I broke an arm or a leg - how would I take care of my kids and how would I get to work etc. I also worried about my youngest in first grade on the chair lifts.

The kids did great on the chair lifts. I was the one who was desperately afraid of heights and had my eyes closed the whole time, grasping the bar for dear life (I always had to sit on the side for security, and never in the middle - and the safety bar ALWAYS was put down).

A big challenge as a beginner was getting on and off the chair lift. Getting on, wasn't so bad...I had that down after the first time, and I don't recall ever falling while trying to get on. However, getting off was another story!

By the time, I reached the top of the chair lift, I was pretty much hyperventilating from my fear of heights. I was always totally relieved that the trip was over and prayed the whole way that the chair lift would not stop while I was on it. It took several attempts to figure out how to get off of the chair lift without ending up in a heap on the ground and trying to scramble out of the way before the next group of people trampled on you.

But I did learn!! And we all loved Skiing!! Tahoe Donner Downhill and Boreal were my favorites to learn to ski at.

If you are ever bored (that really doesn't happen in Truckee), or just want some laughs, ride up to the top of one of the beginner runs and park yourself, and watch people get off the chair lift for awhile. It is pretty amusing! Check out the video below of people getting off the beginner's chair lift at Mt. Rose.

Actually, the people who work at the ski resorts are awesome and if need be, they will stop the chair lift while you get out of the way, and even come help you! You just have to realize that no one learns to ski without ever falling or having difficulty getting off the lifts at the beginning while learning! It is part of the process, and you just have to get over the fact that you probably looked totally ungraceful as you fell off of the chair lift!!

Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons: Ski Chairlift Tips: - Properly load and unload (get on and off) a chair lift at a ski resort; learn how, plus get chair lift safety tips in the following beginner skiing lesson below.

Snow Ski Tips: How to get off a Ski Chair Lift - Getting off a ski chair lift can take some practice. Get tips from a skiing expert in the video below.

What Not to Do! - It looks like he got his jacket caught on the chair lift, so make sure you don't have anything that can get caught on the lift!

Just remember that learning how to get on/off the chairlift is part of learning how to ski and most people fall getting off the lift initially! Hopefully, these Ski Chairlift Tips Video's have helped!

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