Truckee Resorts ....A Luxury Stay!

Truckee Resorts ...A Luxury Stay! When you are contemplating where to stay in the Truckee area, you are faced with many options, Bed & Breakfast places, Truckee Hotels and Motels, Renting a Vacation Rental (House, Cabin or a Condo), or staying at one of the Truckee area Resorts, or those close by! And then there is camping - the RV Lifestyle is very popular these days!

How to decide? Well in general terms, the Resorts are typically right near the related Ski area, with some of them offering Ski-In and Ski-Out options. Usually, they have a whole list of amenities, with shops and restaurants close by. The Village at Northstar, and the Village at Palisades Tahoe are both loaded with awesome shops and restaurants to try!

Some of the Resorts even have a Spa! This means that once you arrive at your California Vacation Resort destination, everything is right there handy!

The Truckee Travel Guide will provide a list of the Resorts in Truckee, and those close by below, and then I will be adding the detail on all the amenities for each one, lots of pictures and links to reservation areas.

List of Truckee Resorts

Here is a list of the Resorts in the Truckee area that will be covered in detail by Truckee Travel Guide:

Northstar California

Northstar California Resort

  • Village at Northstar Califoria

Village at Northstar California in Truckee, CA

I took the photo above and below at Northstar in July 2020.  All over the Village they had these gorgeous hanging baskets of flowers. 

Village at Northstar California in Truckee, CA

Everline Resort & Spa

Everline Resort & Spa in Olympic Valley, CA (Formerly the Resort at Squaw Creek)
  • Everline Resort & Spa in Olympic Valley, CA (Formerly the Resort at Squaw Creek - Picture above was used from their website with their permission)
  • Below: The pools are incredible with amazing views of the golf course in summer and the cross country area in the winter.  The backdrop of Palisades Tahoe, especially in the winter time never gets old! 

Pool at Everline Resort & Spa in Olympic Valley, CA (Formerly the Resort at Squaw Creek)

View looking towards Palisades Tahoe!

Village at Palisades Tahoe

The Village at Squaw Valley - Olympic Valley, California

  • The Village At Palisades Tahoe, Olympic Village, California (Formerly Village at Squaw Valley)

Palisades Tahoe & the Village at Palisades Tahoe is fantastic! The views are incredible, and there are tons of shops & restaurants right within walking distance of the ski slopes. Many of the restaurants have a view of the ski hills. I Love staying there!


  • Tahoe Donner Ski Resort
  • Tahoe Mountain Resorts Lodging

If you have a great Truckee Resort Recommendation, please share it with Truckee Travel Guide! You will be able to upload 4 pictures, and YOUR story and pictures will become a part of this website! Other readers will thank you for your recommendations!

What I love about staying at a one of the Truckee Resorts is that you have access to lots of restaurants that you can walk to.  That means that I can have a glass of wine with dinner, and not have to worry about driving home!

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