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Welcome to the Truckee Videos and Lake Tahoe Videos Page!!

Here I will showcase the videos of Truckee and Lake Tahoe that I have made, and have links to the pages that I have placed them on. I have lots more Truckee videos planned, and am just collecting photo's for them at the moment, so they will get added to this page and throughout the site as they are completed.

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Cascade Creek Falls Trail at Lake Tahoe

The video below is of the Cascade Creek Falls Trail up above Emerald Bay, at Lake Tahoe, California. Access to the Trailhead is off of Hwy 89 at the Bayview Campground across from Inspiration Point at Emerald Bay. The trailhead sign is at the far end of the parking area. The trail is a short trail, considered an easy hike. The elevation goes from 6,800 to 6,910. Spectacular views of the 200 foot high falls and Cascade Lake can be seen.

The photo's in this video were taken by my son Ryan Storz, and his friends Troy Leverton, and Katie Emory.

Eagle Falls Trail at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

The photo's in this next video were taken by my son Ryan Storz, and his friends Troy Leverton, and Katie Emory in Summer 2010.

Eagle Falls Trail is accessed off of Hwy 89 by Emerald Bay, in Lake Tahoe, California. It is 1/3 mile to the Falls and 2 miles round trip to Eagle Lake. The trail can also be accessed from Emerald Bay where the Vikingsholm Castle is located. The terrain varies - steep to flat, and you will cross over Eagle Falls on a steel footbridge. Permits are required for the hike and there is a self registration station at the trailhead.

Amazing views of Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay and Fannette Island from Eagle Falls!! A MUST DO hike!!!

Grouse Ridge and Old Man Mountain

In July 2010, Roseville, CA, Boyscout Troop 1, spent a week in the Sierra Nevada's on a 50 mile backpacking trip starting from Chubb Lake at Marin Sierra, and hiking the Grouse Ridge and hiking to the summit of Old Man Mountain, the gorgeous Mountain that you can see from Hwy 80 as you pass Nyack on the way to Truckee. The best views of the Grouse Ridge and Old Man Mountain, can be enjoyed from the viewpoint stop at Nyack heading on Hwy 80 back to the Bay area.

My nephew Kyle Smith was on the backpacking trip, along with my brother Scott, who is an Assistant Scout Master. I made this video from all the pictures they took. It is long, but it covers 50 miles of ground with lots of gorgeous lakes along the way.

Vikingsholm Trail & Vikingsholm Castle at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Photos and Video produced by Leigh Storz, the Owner of this website. The Vikingsholm Trail is located in Lake Tahoe, California at Emerald Bay. The Trail is approx. 1 mile each way. Down is easy, Up can be difficult. The views of Emerald Bay and Fannette Island are amazing. At the bottom, there is a Beach, Dock, and Vikingsholm Castle, a 38 room Scandinavian Castle. Stunning Architecture. 30 minute tours are available from Memorial Day to the end of September.

Video's throughout the Site

Here are the links to some great Truckee videos that I have placed throughout this site:

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  • Truckee River - watch Mike Wilson do triple backflips from a rope swing 60 feet above the Truckee River.

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