Truckee Awards and Recognition

The Truckee Awards and Recognition are pretty amazing to look at, especially when you put them all together in a list. I knew that Truckee was special the first time that I visited the town, but Truckee is getting some serious recognition these days. From Best Place to Live, Dream Towns, Best Lake Towns, to the recent inclusion in the March 12, 2012 National Geographic's list of "Top 25 Ski Towns in THE WORLD!! Not just the U.S., but the World!! Yep....Truckee is pretty special!!

The awards listed on this page, are for the Town of Truckee in General. To see other local Truckee business awards, please check out:

Downtown Truckee where you can find lots of great shops and restaurants!

Downtown Truckee where you can find lots of great shops and restaurants!

2015 Awards

Date: January 4, 2016
Source: Curbed Ski
Recognition:  #1 Curbed Cup Ski Town of the Year 2015

Excerpts: The battle for the Curbed Cup Ski Town of the Year was fierce, but in the end Truckee beat out Sun Valley by a margin of 368 votes.

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2013 Awards

Date: September 04, 2013
Recognition:  #15 on the Top 25 Ski Resorts in the World

Excerpts: In the Sierra Nevada, North of Lake Tahoe, between Reno and South Lake Tahoe, the old logging and railway Town of Truckee has bloomed into a ski mecca, with no less than eight different ski areas within 15 miles.  With many of it's ski areas receiving some of the highest average snowfall totals in the Country - more than one ski area ran lifts on the Fourth of July this past year - it's easy to understand why the locals choose to live here.

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Date: April 04, 2013
Source: SF Gate
Recognition:  Reader Picks: 20 Must-See Small Towns

Excerpts: This Sierra Nevada gem, located 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. Not only rich in history, Truckee is also flush in things to do, from shopping to dining to four seasons' worth of outdoor activities.

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2012 Awards

Date: March 12, 2012
Source: National Geographic
Recognition: World's 25 Best Ski Town
Criteria: According to National Geographic, here is what they were looking for in a classic ski town: "It starts, naturally, with skiing and snowboarding so good they attract people like youth-bestowing fountains. Then add an inviting mountain burg steeped in ski heritage, amenities, and culture."
Excerpts: Best For: Families with aspiring ski or rider rock star kids; also, ski and rider rock stars!

Date: April 5, 2012
Source: Men's Journal
Recognition: Top 10 Best Mountain Towns
Criteria: When the lifts shut down in America’s mountain towns, out come the flip-flops, microbrews, and inner tubes. For a real recharge this summer, spend some time at our favorite high-altitude hotels, restaurants, and outfitters.
Excerpts: Stay at: Cedar House Sport Hotel, Eat at: Cottonwood, and best Outfitter: Sports Exchange.

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2010 Awards

Date: June 29, 2010
Source: Beth Collins of Budget Travel
Recognition: Summer Lake Towns 2010
Criteria: Nature hikes, canoe trips, pancake breakfasts — just another perfect summer day in one of America's best lake towns.
Excerpts: "This year, skip Lake Tahoe and head 16 miles south to Donner Lake's warmer water temperatures and small-town atmosphere."

Republished by Yahoo Travel on September 3, 2010

Date: December 2010 Issue
Source: Sunset Magazine
Recognition: The West's Best Ski Towns
Criteria: "Whether you’re all about the hot toddies, mountain views, Wild West saloons, après-ski eats, or small-town-ness, we’ve got the place for you."
Excerpts: Truckee was named as "Most Well-Rounded". "The historic main drag can please teenagers and grandparents alike."

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Water Skiing at Donner Lake, in Truckee, CA

Water Skiing at Donner Lake, in Truckee, CA

2009 Awards

Date: March 2009
Source: Sunset Magazine
Recognition: Featured in the 20 Best "Small" Towns - Truckee was one of 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Small Towns
Criteria: Residents get plenty of help reducing, reusing, and recycling!
Excerpts: "The Truckee Climate Action Network’s "Keep Truckee Cool" campaign encourages residents to install 1,000 solar roofs by 2013."

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2008 Awards

Date: August 2008
Source: Sunset Magazine
Recognition: Top 10 Dream Towns in the West
Excerpts: "Go for the perfect vacation. Or the perfect rest of your life." "It's a tight-knit, outdoorsy community, with good restaurants and year-round recreational fun ― some of California's best ski resorts are minutes away, as is Lake Tahoe."

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2007 Awards

Date: April 2007
Source: Men's Journal
Recognition: "Best Hideaway"

2006 Awards

Date: August 1, 2006
Source: Outside Magazine
Recognition: Best Outside Towns
Criteria: "Wanna live where the action is? The goal: trails out the back door, a serious Saturday-morning peloton, whitewater just up the road, and neighbors eager to join in. Our source: the best adventure athletes in America, who tell us where they live and why. The result: 20 communities where locals work, train, and play hard."
Excerpts that I love!: "But with epic hiking, trout fishing, mountain biking, and whitewater paddling nearby once snow season ends, no one actually comes here to be a workaholic."

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River Rafting on the Truckee River

2004 Awards

Date: July 2004
Recognition: Great Race's "Great American City" award for "Best Overnight Spot" (22nd Annual Race) - Great Race donated $10,000 for the town's library
Criteria: A Town Chosen as a Host City for the Great Race
Excerpts: "It was an incredible evening," said Lynn Saunders, Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. The whole town came out to show what Truckee is really all about. The racers saw it, they heard it, and they experienced it -- and it shows by their voting us The Great American City. It was a night Truckee can truly be proud of!

Date: September 2004
Source: Skiing Magazine
Recognition: Top 10 Towns for Skiing and Quality of Life

Northstar California in Truckee, CA

Northstar California in Truckee, CA

2003 Awards

Date: February 2003
Source: Skiing Magazine
Recognition: 18 Best Towns for Moving to the Mountains

2002 Awards

Date: March 2002
Source: Men's Journal
Recognition: 50 Best Places to Live

2000 Awards

Date: January 2000
Source: Skiing Magazine
Recognition: Dream Towns
Excerpts: "Truckee has boomed-and it ain't over yet! Why does everyone suddenly love the place? Because there's a lot to love." "Truckee remains unassuming and funky, a place where the freight train rolls right through the center of town. You can still live the pure sports-bum life here..."

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