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The Truckee Shopping Sales page is where local Truckee Stores, can submit information about their upcoming sales events. (for free!) Truckee Non-Profit Organizations, and Truckee Churches can submit their shopping events as well! Visitors can search this page (at the bottom) to find all the local Truckee Shops that are having Special Sales, Deals, and Shopping Events.

Shopping Local is great for the Truckee Community!
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Truckee Shopping Sales Form


Entering your Truckee Shopping Sales event information is easy to do. Just type!...

Your shopping event information will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here, with a brief summary and a link to your Sales Event Webpage at the bottom of this page, sorted by the most recent submitted events at the top.

Be sure to provide as much information about your sales event as possible:

  • Sales Event Title

  • Sales Event Date(s)

  • Your Store Hours

  • Sales Event Cost (if any)

  • Highlight what items are on sale

  • Who to contact for additional information

  • Contact phone number or email

  • Website or URL for additional information. (Just enter your link, and I'll make it clickable!)

  • Up to 4 pictures or Graphics

  • Any other details about your sales event - if you have any supporting PDF documents that you would like attached to your sales event, I can do that! An email address will be available to send information, once you fill out the form below!

Thanks for sharing your Truckee Shopping Sales event information with the Truckee Travel Guide Website!

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