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Living in Truckee is Absolutely Amazing! My family lived in Truckee for four years and loved it! I'm making plans to relocate back to Truckee in the next year or so, and hope to be able to live in one of the Donner Lake Neighborhoods, or in the Armstrong Tract neighborhood with a Donner Lake view. Truckee is my favorite place in the world, which is why since I'm a military dependent and don't have an official home town, I've adopted Truckee as my Home Town.

This page will be a springboard for everything that you will need to know whether you are considering moving to Truckee or you are already a Truckee Resident or Truckee Local. While the Truckee Travel Guide website, is written towards travelers, and those vacationing in Truckee, it is hoped that the locals will find the site useful too, and can share their favorites and recommendations.

Since this website was started in Jan 2011, I'm outlining most pages first, and then I will fill in the details, so more information on each subject will be coming soon. This will be a comprehensive 500+ page website that covers ALL things Truckee!

Donner Lake in Truckee, California

Donner Lake, in Truckee, California

Here is a list of topics that will be covered in the Living in Truckee section by the Truckee Travel Guide - more will be added as I think of things to add:

  • Town of Truckee Government

  • Truckee Chamber of Commerce

  • Truckee Childcare

  • Truckee Children's Activities

  • Truckee Colleges

  • Truckee Dentists

  • Truckee DMV

  • Truckee Donner Recreation & Parks District

  • Truckee Fire Protection District

  • Truckee History

  • Truckee Jobs

  • Truckee Library

  • Truckee Mail (USPS)

  • Truckee Medical

  • Truckee Newspaper - Sierra Sun Newspaper

  • Truckee Police Department

  • Truckee Radio Stations

  • Truckee Ranger District

  • Truckee Schools

  • Truckee Senior Services and Activities

  • Truckee Singles

  • Truckee Snow Removal

  • Truckee Sports Teams

  • Truckee Superior Court

  • Truckee Teens

  • Truckee Utilities

  • Truckee Zip Code

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