This is a FANTASTIC Healthy Eating site!!

by Leigh Storz
(Roseville, CA)

Leigh Storz

Leigh Storz

This is a FANTASTIC and very helpful site!!

I am a little prejudiced, (ok...a lot!!) because I am the owner, and creator of the website, and also the web designer for the Healthy-Diet-Habits site which is my sister Kerry's site! I needed to test out the review process on my site, before I make it available to other businesses, and since I have benefited tremendously personally, while working on my sister's site, I figured that I would share what I have learned!

I have struggled with being overweight, and am currently still in the "overweight" category, and working hard to get down to the "normal" weight range for my height. Before I retired two years ago, I dealt with lots of job stress, that created lots of "stress eating", and I worked in an unhealthy environment that due to a mold allergy, kept me sick a good 3-5 months each winter, which made exercising impossible.

About 5 years ago, I discovered that I was allergic to "Sugar", and so I had to make drastic changes to my diet, and become an avid "label reader" on anything I purchased at the grocery store.

My daughter Brie became a Vegetarian in High School, while still living at home, and so I gravitated more towards a Vegan diet myself, although I am only about 90%, because I love fish, and sushi and couldn't give those up!

Here are some of the things that I have learned from the Healthy Diet Habits site:

*The overweight and obese statistics in the U.S. are staggering, and Kerry provides lots of statistics, and a list of all of the health risks that are associated with being overweight and obese. This is motivating me big time, to get down to the normal range!

*Kerry provides a great "grocery list" of healthy items to purchase in the grocery stores. Fortunately, I have a Trader Joes near me, and a Whole Foods store was opened very near my house this last year. Whole Foods is awesome for Vegetarian and Vegan options, and Organic Foods.

*Kerry's Food Substitution section is awesome, and while not yet complete, she has a 100 Calorie Page, a Snack Substitutions page, and a Sweets Substitution page, with many more to come. No matter what your "LOVE" foods, are, there are always healthier substitutions available.

*Food Journaling - Interesting statistic that people who write down what they eat each day, lose twice as much weight as those who don't. I'm back to Journaling. Kerry will be offering Food Journaling Consulting services from her site soon. People will be able to download a Journal form, fill it out each day for seven days, and submit their journals to Kerry for her evaluation, comments, and suggestions for improvements. I will be one of her first submissions!

*I love her "Half Plate Rule" - a great simple way of eating healthy, if you don't want to count calories.

*Kerry reads Nutrition books constantly, and has been providing her top book recommendations throughout her site with opportunities to purchase the books directly from Amazon. She has a Dietetics degree, and has amazing knowledge about Nutrition, so I definitely plan to buy her recommended books! She will also be launching a recommended cookbooks page soon!

*I have definitely been eating healthier while working on her site, have been shopping better, and have made some quick and easy healthy meals that I will be sharing the recipes soon on her site.

*What I love about her site, is that she is anti-dieting, but she teaches you ways to develop Healthy Diet Habits instead. This is the only site that I have run into that deals with the Emotions behind why we eat, learning about what triggers your eating, and learning ways to avoid the overeating process.

Highly recommended website!! You can also follow her site on Twitter and Facebook, where she blasts out a "Tip of the Day!

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