Ready Made Emergency Kit

A Ready Made Emergency Kit, is the easiest way in my opinion to prepare for a potential natural disaster in the Truckee, California and Lake Tahoe area. Survival kits can be purchased ready to go with the majority of the emergency supplies that you would need, in order to be prepared. Additional emergency essentials can be added in addition to a ready made survival kit, but this would give you the basics.

The survival gear typically conveniently fits in one or more backpack(s) that is included, and so are handy for "grab and go" emergencies. They are perfect to keep in your home, perhaps even one per adult, as well as one in your work location, and one kept in the trunk of all of your family vehicles for a car emergency kit, along with an Auto Kit.

In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, forest fire, flood, or even a car accident, you don't know where you will be when the disaster occurs, so it is best to cover all your bases and make sure that all family members have access to an emergency kit.

Most ready-made meals carry a shelf life of 25 years, with absolutely no rotation needed. That's 25 years without the stress of wondering if your family will have enough good, usable food when emergency strikes.

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