Ski Equipment

How to Choose Your Ski Equipment!

This page will provide some short videos on how to choose all your Ski Equipment such as:

  • Ski Bindings
  • Ski Boots
  • Ski Goggles
  • Ski Goggle Lenses
  • Ski Helmets
  • Ski Poles
  • Ski's

Having great equipment will help ensure you have a fabulous time at the Truckee area Ski Resorts!!

One good question to answer before you hit the slopes, is whether you should rent or buy equipment. My philosophy is that it is probably a great idea to rent equipment at least the first couple of times to make sure that you are going to actually enjoy the sport of Skiing first before you purchase expensive equipment.

Also, it depends on how often you think you will be going skiing. Because we lived in Truckee, and went skiing every Sunday in winter, we bought equipment. My equipment was good each year, while my kids were in different sizes every year, so we always hit up the TDRPD annual ski swap, usually held on the 1st weekend in November. This was a great way to find good inexpensive used equipment.

There are certain things that I liked to buy new, and with all the clothing stores in Truckee that carried sportswear, and the Truckee Sporting Goods stores, I always had awesome choices to pick from.

Ski Rental vs. Buying

Here is a video that will give you some tips on the Ski Rental vs Buying Issue: Should you rent skis and ski equipment, or should you buy them? Find out plus get tips on getting the best deals when renting or buying ski equipment

Choosing Ski Equipment

Here is a video that gives you an overview on everything that you need to get started skiing. (Find the right size poles, boots, helmets and other equipment)

Choosing Ski Types and Sizes

Learn how to find the right style and size of ski to fit your needs, with tips on how ski size affects speed and control.

Basic Recreational Skis

Snow skiing is a great recreational sport. Learn how to pick basic skis with expert tips on the following video.

Freestyle Skis

Learn how to pick freestyle skis with expert tips on the following video.

Picking Men's Freestyle Ski Boots

Ski boots are an important part of snow skiing. Learn how to pick Men's freestyle ski boots.

Picking Women's Freestyle Ski Boots

Ski boots are an important part of snow skiing. Learn how to pick Women's freestyle ski boots in the following video.

Picking Ski Bindings

Ski bindings hold the ski boot to the skis. Learn how to pick snow ski bindings with expert tips in the following video.

Choosing Ski Goggles and Lenses

The right ski goggles and lens tint can help provide good visibility while protecting your eyes from wind, snow and ice. Learn how to choose the right ski goggles and lens tint in the following beginner skiing lesson on video.

Picking Ski Goggles Lenses: - Ski goggle lenses make a huge difference in your snow skiing trip. Learn how to pick the best lenses for your ski goggles in the following video.

Picking a Ski Helmet

A ski helmet is an important piece of ski equipment for safe skiing. I always made my kids wear helmets when they skied. I was lucky one year and picked up used helmets at Boreal for $25/each. Since the kids were in a new size every year, I had decided we would try to find used equipment first.

Learn how to pick a ski helmet in the following winter sports video.

Now that you have all the Equipment that you need, it is time to hit the slopes!

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