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The Truckee Fauna page will be a summary page of all of the Truckee Wildlife and Truckee Animals in the Truckee area. Truckee is located in a wilderness area, with lots of open space areas, and as such there is lots of wildlife, and some to be wary of.

Safety suggestions will be included, as well as what to do, and who to call if you run into an injured animal, or bear etc.

PHOTO CREDIT: For Bear Picture to the right: Conrad Metzenberg. This picture was actually taken at Mammoth, while he was camping with my son, Ryan.

Wildlife that will be covered in detail includes: (links coming soon!)

  1. Bald Eagles

  2. Beavers

  3. Black Bears

  4. BEAR League

  5. Bobcats

  6. Coyotes

  7. Deer

  8. Fish

  9. Fox

  10. Hawks

  11. Marmots

  12. Mosquito's

  13. Mountain Lions

  14. Owls

  15. Porcupines

  16. Racoons

  17. Squirrels

  18. Wolverines

A Marmot at High Camp Squaw Valley eating an Orange Paintball Pellet.

A Yellow-bellied Marmot that I saw at High Camp, Squaw Valley. It had run down to the Paintball area and grabbed a Paintball pellet and proceeded to eat it about two feet from me!!

Truckee Pet Information

These topics will also be covered in detail: (links coming soon!)

  1. Cats

  2. Department of Fish & Game

  3. Dog Information - Includes the following:

  4. Truckee Dogs and Truckee Holidays

  5. Truckee Dog Boarding

  6. Truckee Dog Grooming

  7. Truckee Pet Stores & Pet Supplies

  8. Truckee Puppy and Dog Training

  9. Truckee Dogs in Emergencies

  10. SHARE YOUR Truckee Dog Stories, Dog/Puppy Pictures & Recommendations

  11. Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe - will include the following:

  12. Adoption Information

  13. Fundraising Events

  14. Truckee Pet Policies - includes the following:

  15. Town of Truckee Animal Services

    1. Animal Complaints

    2. Community Spay/Neuter Program

    3. Dog Licensing

    4. Park Leash Laws

  16. Pet Friendly Hiking Trails

  17. Truckee Pet Friendly Accommodations

  18. Truckee Pet Friendly Activities

  19. Truckee Veterinary Clinics

Who to Call?

Here is some contact information to call for the following:

  1. Animal Complaints:

    Animal complaints that are considered a public nuisance such as barking, or damage to property are required to be submitted in writing to the Town of Truckee, Animal Services office at Town Hall at 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA 96161. Complaints are kept anonymous from the person who you are filing a complaint against.

  2. Bears:

    If you see a bear who is causing mischief, such as property damage, or if you think that it is a public safety issue, please call the Truckee Police dispatch at (530) 550-2320 Non-Emergency Number) The Department of Fish and Game, may also be contacted at (916) 358-1300 for bear assistance. For great information about bears, including how to bear proof your home, and how to handle bear encounters, you can contact the BEAR League, at (530)525-7297. Their goal is to educate people about Bears, and they have set up a 24 hour hotline to coach people by phone, in the event of a bear encounter.

  3. Injured Animals:

    Contact the Truckee Animal Services Officers at (530)582-7830 if you see ANY injured animals, either wildlife animals, or domestics animals. Or contact the Truckee Police dispatch at (530) 550-2320 (Non-Emergency Number)

  4. Raccoon Problems:

    For Raccoon problems, you can obtain assistance by calling:

    Wildlife Shelter at (530) 546-1211
    Federal Trapper at (530)273-2648

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