Truckee Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

I love flowers, so I think that the Wedding Flowers are an important aspect of your Truckee Wedding!

Not only are flowers gorgeous, but they can be a focal point for all the wedding pictures and help make them truly outstanding! And they just make all of the tables and dinner tables look so much nicer.

Traditionally, I've always thought that the grooms family pays for the flowers with the exception of the bridesmaid flowers and the groom's boutonniere. I've heard that sometimes the brides family will pay for the flowers that go on the cake.

With weddings as expensive as they are now, couples are custom designing who pays for what more and more. When my son Ryan, got married on 07/27/07, on Catalina Island, they chose to pay for the entire wedding themselves, and then family members could volunteer to pay for certain items. Keeping with tradition, I offered to pay for all of the flowers, and for the rehearsal dinner.

Truckee Wedding Florists

Because my Son, Ryan, and daughter-in-law Marlene chose to get married on Catalina Island, off the coast of L.A., so a non local wedding for them, they chose to hire a local wedding planner, which was totally the way to go for an out of town wedding. Catalina Island only had one Florist, so that made our choice easy, and we went with them!

With Truckee being a small town, there are just a few local Florists that looked like they do Wedding Flowers. If you hire a local Truckee Wedding Planner, they will have their favorite Florist recommendations, and I would suggest to trust your Wedding Planner, and go with their suggestions!

The Truckee Florists are: (these were the available vendors back when I did this page. With the expansion of Truckee, there may be more that I will add.)

  • Blooms & Zooms

  • Elizabeth's Creations Floral

  • Flower Power

  • Martha Bernyk Floral Design

If YOU have had a Truckee Wedding and used one of these Truckee Wedding Florists, or another one in the Truckee & Tahoe area, please SHARE your recommendations with us! This will help out others who are planning their Truckee Weddings.

What Wedding Flowers to Get?

Wedding Flowers - Brides Bouquet

Once you choose a Wedding Florist, they will know what flowers are essential to have at a wedding, and also which ones are nice to have, but optional, depending on your Wedding Budget.

Brides Flowers - If you only have money for one thing, having flowers for the Bride would be it!

The Brides Flowers are typically a Deluxe version of the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid flower's, and often include more expensive flowers like roses in the bouquet. All of the flowers will be designed around the Bride and Groom's color scheme that they have chosen for their wedding, and should complement the colors chosen for the Bridesmaid dresses, etc.

Your florist will know which flowers will be available at the time of your wedding, and can make recommendations of what types of flowers will work best with your color scheme.

Groom's wedding flowers!

Groom's Flowers: The Groom will need a boutonniere to wear on his tuxedo or wedding outfit that complements the bride's wedding bouquet and matches the wedding color scheme chosen.

Best Man and Groomsmen: They will wear something similar to the Groom.

Father's They will wear a smaller matching version of what the Groomsmen are wearing. My suggestion (see below for explanations), is to include any Step-Father's also.

Mother's Flowers Mother's of the Bride & Groom are honored with Flowers. There is a choice of a pin on corsage or a wrist corsage, which is a great option when you know one of the mother's will be wearing a strapless type gown.

Since I was paying for the flowers, I also purchased a corsage for Ryan's Step Mother, Nancy. This is a very nice gesture to honor and include any step mother's. I believe that they have a tougher job than the mother, and Nancy was delighted to receive the flowers, which she was not expecting.

While we are talking about Step Mother's, I know there are many situations where the "adult's" within a divorce situation, chose to not get along, when there are "Step Parents" involved in the family equation. I would just encourage everyone to realize that this special event, is not about them, but the kid's, and that the parent's, should put aside any differences, and give their kids a stress-free, and drama-free Wedding Day!

Grandparents of Ryan and Marlene Storz

Grandparents: We chose to do wrist corsages for all the Grandmothers and a smaller boutonniere for all of the Grandfathers. They usually have such a great impact on their grandkids, that they really appreciated it.

Flowers on a Wedding Cake!

Wedding Cake: We chose to do matching flowers on Ryan and Marlene's wedding cake. Since they got married on Catalina Island, Marlene and her Mom and I went to Catalina for a weekend to meet with the Wedding Planner they had chosen and make all the decisions.

The Wedding Planner had everything arranged and we did food tasting, chose flowers, and sampled cakes and picked the wedding venue and meal for the rehearsal dinner.

The florist asked us if we wanted flowers on the cake and/or around the bottom of the cake. I remember that she had a bunch of pictures of various options. If you want flowers on the cake, then if you use a wedding planner, they will work out the logistics of getting the flowers to the vendor making the wedding cake.

Flowers on the Bride and Groom's Table at the Wedding Reception!

Dinner Tables: We chose to put flower vases on the tables. Since Marlene had chosen a cobalt blue color for her bridesmaid dresses, she had chosen white, orange, and blue for her colors for her flowers. I thought the flowers turned out fabulous. I had a bunch of cobalt blue vases and so we used those. I had some larger vases, and a bunch of different shaped smaller blue vases, so we chose to do a larger vase at the middle of all the dinner tables, and smaller vases running down the middle.

We also did vases of flowers for the table at the entrance where people signed the guest book as they came in, and at the coffee table etc.

Marlene and Ryan chose to have their own table in front of a fountain in the courtyard of the Catalina Island Country Club where they got married, so they got a variety of flower vases on their table.

Flower Bouquets on the Chairs on the Wedding aisle
Flower Bouquets on the Chairs on the Wedding aisle

Flower Bouquets on the Chairs on the aisle:

This was definitely an optional item, but I chose to do it, and I'm so glad that I did. The florist made a Bouquet of flowers and tied them to the top of all of the chairs that were on either side of the aisle.

Ryan & Marlene just had about 75 guests, so Catalina Country Club set up the chairs at the front where guests could watch the wedding. All of the dinner tables and serving tables were at the other end of the courtyard, so after the ceremony, the chairs were put around the tables. The chairs with the flowers were put at the bride & grooms tables, the wedding party tables and then on the ends of the tables.

So many of the pictures that were taken of the wedding party walking down the isle, like the pictures that I took above, showed the flowers in the pictures, and it just made their wedding pictures much more beautiful to have flowers everywhere!!

Wedding Flowers at the alter for the Wedding Ceremony!

Ceremony Flowers: These are also optional, but I chose to get two large vases full of flowers to put on top of the stairs on either side of the bride and groom. Not only were they gorgeous, but because there were so many pictures taken throughout the ceremony, they just made the pictures much more beautiful to have the bride and groom standing between the flower arrangements!

Just a note to Brides: I was really happy that Marlene and Ryan asked the Mom's to go to Catalina Island with them to help with all the wedding choices. Ryan ended up getting sick right before our plane took off, so he stayed behind and it ended up being a girl's weekend. Had I not been there, I know that Marlene would have been much more conservative with MY dime in making her flower choices. But I think the extra's that I chose, flowers for Ryan's step mother Nancy and the grandparents, the two large flower arrangements, the flower arrangements on the aisle chairs and probably more flowers on the tables than was probably necessary, made for such a beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures!

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