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Build a Website, or rather an E-Business using the awesome Site Build It or SBI software that I am using for this site, and you could open your life to a new world. A world where alarm clocks don't exist, bosses don't exist (especially the bad ones!), a world where you can work when and where you want to, a world where you can put your family and children first! We all dream about this kind of a world! A world where we don't work for an hourly wage with a salary ceiling, for someone else, but we are building PASSIVE STREAMS OF INCOME FOR OURSELVES and the sky is the limit! I'm in this world and I LOVE IT!

The brief video's below will provide some overview information.

I love the short video below. PLEASE take the time to watch is short and funny, and it cracked me up to watch the google numbers (under the search bar) of how many times these phrases were searched for over the internet. The numbers would suggest, that there are a lot of people out there unhappy with their current job situation, if they even have one!

The Biggest Mistake People Make in Life, is NOT Making a Living at Doing What They Most Enjoy!
~ Malcom S. Forbes (1919-1990)


Would YOU Like to Work At Home?

Working at Home is fantastic, and benefits many different kinds of people! Whether you have children at home and want to be a WHAM (Work at Home Mom), are a single parent, are retired, are disabled, currently unemployed, or you just want a 2nd income stream to increase your savings and reduce your debt, you can accomplish your goals using SBI.

Watch this next brief video to see how you can work at home too!

What is SBI?

What is Site Build It, or SBI? Here is a 60 second overview:

Existing Website or Blog? How's YOUR Traffic?

Many people have blogs these days - How many of them actually make money?
Are you a business owner, who still doesn't have a website?
Many people have websites these days - How many of them get traffic and are in the TOP 3% of ALL Websites?
Take the Traffic Test and find out!

What is an E-Business?

What is the difference between having a Website, and having an E-Business?

Watch the brief video below to find out?

Can I Succeed Online?

I laughed on Black Friday with people bragging about how much they had saved. I saved 100%. How? By staying home, and not spending to save!!

The question...Can I Succeed Online? is similar in a way. You can't succeed if you don't try! SBI costs less than $1.00/day, and has a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, so nothing to lose! And they have a proven track record of results!

Advance Confidently in the Direction of YOUR Dreams!
~ H.D.Thoreau


What about results?

It's easy to claim success! What about results?

Here is the direct link to the SBI Results. page. I spent hours pouring through the different sites initially looking for inspiration from these successful sites!

There is no trying. There is only doing, or not doing!


Here's MY Results!

Truckee Travel Guide website (this site), was launched on January 9, 2011, and IS IN the TOP 2% of ALL Websites - this site hit the TOP 1% on April 18, 2011, when I had 100 pages completed, and I've been keeping it in the 1-2% range!

During this last year, I also helped my daughter Brie start a site for her Massage Business. She has over 60 pages now. We are planning about 200 pages for her site.

I also helped my sister who has a Science degree in Dietetics start a website in Feb. 2011. She has an autistic son and had been unable to work outside the home. SBI is perfect for her, as it allows her to work at home, and we now have close to 400 pages on her site.

My sister and I have had so much fun collaborating on our Holiday pages, that on 12-12-12 (great date!), we started a website all about dates, called Holidays and Observances, where we will provide information on all the Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Days and some of the Major Events in the U.S. and the world. We have close to 200 pages so far!

If YOU have a Goal, Failure is Impossible!


A More In Depth look at SBI

SBI is designed for beginners (those without web design experience), and has written and video instructions broken down into a 10 day plan called "The Action Guide" which will walk you through the process of creating an E-Business from researching keywords and a domain name, to building traffic, and monetizing your site. The video below gives you a brief overview of the process, and then you can click on the screen to watch a 30 minute more in depth overview of the 10 day plan process with some screen shots of the process.


Now is the perfect time to buy! SBI just released a $3.5million upgrade. I've seen a demo and it looks amazing - nothing else on the market can compare!

My dream was throwing away my alarm clock, working when I wanted, doing something fun and creative that I was passionate about. I love web design, love writing, and love photography and love the creative aspect of web design. I wanted to build multiple unlimited passive income streams, rather than being tied to a M-F 8am(ugh!) to 5pm job tied to an hourly wage. My daughter and I took advantage of the Solo Build It Special 2-1 deal during Christmas 2010, and it was the best thing we have done! I'm in the process of building Passive Income Streams for both of us!

What are you waiting for? What is your dream?
Solo Build It can get you there too!

Additional Information: (coming soon)

  • Business Tools
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Web Design Consulting
  • Web Design Glossary

Own YOUR Business, and YOU own YOUR Life!


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