The Truckee Travel Guide will give you insider tips to all things Truckee!

The Truckee Travel Guide will prove that boredom is NOT an option in Truckee, California!

Welcome to Truckee Sign - outside Truckee Post Office

Welcome to Fall!

The seasons have changed, and we are now in Fall! Often you can start on the some of the Truckee Winter Activities, while still participating in some of the Truckee Summer Activities!

Whatever the Truckee Season of the year, there is plenty to see and do in Truckee. From the unbelievable beauty of the Mountains surrounding Donner Lake and the area, to the charming Downtown Truckee Commercial Row full of quaint shops and restaurants to explore.

With two Ski Resorts in town (Northstar California and Tahoe Donner), and the Truckee River which provides opportunities for river rafting, fly fishing, and kayaking, countless lakes and beaches, including nearby Lake Tahoegolf courses and hiking & biking trails in abundance, you will never run out of things to do! Truckee is the perfect place to take YOUR California Vacation! 

Truckee is located close to Reno, Nevada, and the North Lake Tahoe cities of Tahoe CityKings BeachIncline Village as well as Olympic Valley where Squaw Valley, USA is located. These nearby Cities offer additional shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities!

My family lived in Truckee for four years. We loved it! It is my favorite place to live, and I'm working on moving back to Donner Lake in the near future! We still travel back to Truckee to visit every chance we can get.


Below, I'm featuring a Truckee Non-Profit Organization or Lake Tahoe Non Profit Organization here, along with their Mission Statement!

Featured Non-Profit Organization
Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

Photo of Baby Tahoe courtesy of the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care

Mission: We are an independent, nonprofit volunteer organization whose function is to raise, rehabilitate, and release orphaned and injured wild birds and animals.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care -

Currently, they have I believe 11 Bear Cubs among all their other animals, so donations to help with food and vet costs is always welcome!

Please check out my Truckee Non Profit Organizations and Lake Tahoe Non Profit Organizations pages. Find an organization that touches your heart and get involved - donations, volunteering your time to help, or just helping them spread the word are all appreciated! Everyone can do something to fit their time and budget!

There is always something to see or do, or some fun event taking place in Truckee. (see Event Calendar) There is a great mix of restaurants in town, and lots of options for hotels to stay at depending on your budget. The Truckee Travel Guide will give you all the details you need to make your visit, or vacation a memorable one.

The summer weather in Truckee is perfect, and the fresh air and the smell of pine trees in the air is heavenly! The snow on the pine trees after it stops snowing in winter, and the sun comes out, is just breathtaking! And the leaves changing colors in Fall are gorgeous!

The people in Truckee are so friendly, and the town has a laid back comfortable, and casual atmosphere that makes Truckee the perfect place to vacation and travel to. The stress of day to day living disappears when surrounded by the beautiful scenery in and around the Truckee area.

Whether you travel to Truckee for a day trip or an extended vacation, or are a lucky part-time, or full-time resident of Truckee, some of the activities outlined in the Truckee Travel Guide not to be missed are:

Favorite Truckee Summer Activities include:

Waterskiing on Donner Lake at sunset in Truckee, California


Favorite Truckee Winter Activities include:

Funitel at Squaw Valley, USA


The Truckee Travel Guide website was started on Jan. 9, 2011. Approximately 500+ pages are planned for the site. You can check out the TTG Site Map for a quick way of seeing which page have been completed, and which pages are still to be done. Here are some highlights of what is planned:

Donner Lake in the Winter in Truckee, California
  • I plan to start out with an overall outline, and then fill in the specifics. This will be a Content Intensive Comprehensive Site about ALL things Truckee!
  • Lots of Truckee Pictures and Truckee Videos are planned to capture the beauty of the Truckee area. Unless noted otherwise, all photographs were taken by Leigh Storz, Owner of this website. Photo credit will be given on all pictures not taken by myself.
  • You can catch up on the Truckee news and news in the surrounding Cities from my Truckee News page, which pulls daily top global news articles from Google. I've also created a Truckee Ski News page, where you can get daily information about each of the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area Ski Resorts, as well as the Daily Snow Reports. There is also a Truckee Golf News page and a Truckee Fishing News page. More News pages will be added as the site gets built out.
  • Opportunities to share YOUR Favorite Truckee Travel and Vacation Stories are available from the Your Truckee Story tab. Specific Forms are being placed on individual pages shortly, and linked to this page.
  • Advertising opportunities are now available on the Truckee Travel Guide website with the options of Business Directory Listings, Featured Pages, Category Sponsors, and Site Sponsors. Free Business Directory Listings and Featured Pages are available for all Truckee Non Profit Organizations, Lake Tahoe Non Profit Organizations, and Truckee Churches, as my way of giving back to the community.

Please bookmark this site, and check back often!


Recent Articles

  1. Donner Memorial State Park is located in Truckee next to Donner Lake

    Oct 02, 21 07:45 PM

    Donner Memorial State Park in Truckee, CA is a great place to Camp, Swim, Hike, Snowshoe and Cross Country Ski and is home to the Emigrant Trail Museum in honor of the Donner Party.

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  2. Holidays in Truckee California are so much fun!

    Oct 02, 21 07:40 PM

    There is so much to do during the Holidays in Truckee. I've lived all over the world and I love Truckee Holidays the best!

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  3. China Cove Beach is in the Donner Memorial State Park in Truckee, CA

    Oct 02, 21 07:38 PM

    China Cove Beach is a nice beach area in the China Cove area of Donner Lake within the Donner Memorial State Park, and is one of four Truckee beaches at Donner Lake.

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The Truckee River from W. River Street in Truckee, California

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