Truckee River

The Truckee River starts at the dam in Tahoe City, with the source of the River being Lake Tahoe.

Truckee River Dam in Tahoe City, Lake Tahoe

The dam has a bridge over it, which is known as "Fannie Bridge", due to the constant stream of tourists standing on the bridge and looking down into the water, where feeding the fish is a common past time.

The River flows along Hwy 89, past Alpine Meadows, and Squaw Valley, to Truckee and then turns east, and flows into the State of Nevada, through the Reno and Sparks area. The River, which is about 120 miles long, eventually empties into the southern end of Pyramid Lake.

Truckee River in Downtown Truckee

The Truckee River in Downtown Truckee

The River provides residents and visitors to Truckee, many recreational opportunities.

Truckee River Rafting from Tahoe City to River Ranch Restaurant, a distance of about 3 miles is extremely popular in Summer.

Truckee River Rafting

There is a bike trail that runs along the river from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley where bikers can enjoy the river scenery along the way.

Truckee River Biketrail

Fishing, primarily Fly Fishing in the River is also extremely popular.

In Downtown Reno, the River is the home of the Truckee River Whitewater Park, which is used primarily for Kayaking.

This is a video of Mike Wilson, doing a Triple Back Flip off of a 60 Foot Rope Swing into the Truckee River. Lots of Rafters stopped to watch. From what I could tell from the comments on the video, this was just off of Hwy 89, before Alpine Meadows. Mike Wilson went on to do a similar video, but with 99 Foot Quadruple Back Flips into Lake Tahoe in the Summer of 2010, that I have included on my Lake Tahoe page that is a MUST SEE!

Some of the topics that will be covered in more detail by the Truckee Travel Guide (info to come) are:

Truckee River Photos
TruckeeTravelGuide's Truckee River photoset TruckeeTravelGuide's Truckee River photoset

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