Truckee Museums

The Truckee Museums are great, considering that Truckee is a small town. According to, a "Museum" is a building, place, or institution devoted to the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having scientific, historical, or artistic value.

When I think about a museum, I think about an educational opportunity. I can learn something about the museum that I am visiting. As such, it is common for kids in school to take field trips to visit the different museums.

When you come to Truckee, be sure to visit the interesting and informative assortment of museums in the Truckee area, especially if you have children.

Many of the museums are run by Non-Profit Organizations. Truckee Travel Guide will be taking a look at all of the local Museums in Truckee, and the Lake Tahoe Museums, in particular, the nearby ones on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. (additional information on each will be coming shortly)

Map of the Truckee Museums

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Museums in Truckee

Picture to come!

Big Bend Visitor Center - Donner Summit

Picture to come!

Donner Summit Historical Society

Emigrant Monument by the Emigrant Trail Museum in Donner Memorial State Park in Truckee, CA

Emigrant Trail Museum - located near the Emigrant Monument in the Donner Memorial State Park

KidZone Children's Museum in Truckee, CA

KidZone Children's Museum

Olympic Rings at High Camp Squaw Valley where the Olympic Museum is

Olympic Museum - located at High Camp, Squaw Valley in Olympic Valley

Truckee Donner Historical Society and Old Jail Museum in Truckee, CA

Truckee Donner Historical Society and Old Jail Museum

Truckee Railroad Museum in Truckee, CA

Truckee Railroad Museum

Picture to come!

Western SkiSport Museum - Boreal

Lake Tahoe Museums

Once you have gone through the Truckee Museums that interest you, there are lots more Lake Tahoe Museums for you and your family to explore.

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