Winter in Truckee

Winter in Truckee is magical! To me, there are few things more beautiful than being in Truckee right after a snowstorm, when the sun comes back out, and the snow is still on all of the tree branches! The kids come out to play with their sleds, and dogs have fun running through the snow. Cross Country Skiers can be seen blazing a trail down the streets before the snow plows come through.

Skiers and Snowboarders flock to the Ski Resorts and the Terrain Parks, and you can usually find sledders out anywhere there is a hill. There are so many Truckee Winter Activities for the sports enthusiasts.

View from the Ritz Carlton, Highland Lake Tahoe

The view from the Ritz-Carlton Highland, Lake Tahoe - mid mountain at Northstar California
Photo Credit: Leigh, Owner of


Fun Facts about Winter in Truckee

  • The first day of Winter (when Fall ends), or the "Winter Solstice", is on December 21st, 2023 and is the shortest day of year, when the Sun reaches its most southern point in the sky at local noon. After this, the days start getting longer.
  • The last day of Winter is March 19, 2023
  • the word of the Winter Season in Truckee!! There is lots of it!  In fact in Nov. 2013, The Weather Channel ranked Truckee as the #4 City on their list of the Top Six Snowiest Cities in America - See the page for Truckee.
  • Buzzfeed Travel on November 5, 2013 Ranked Lake Tahoe as the #1 Place on their list of 34 Places that are even better in the Winter! See the article here!
  • Donner Lake sometimes freezes in the wintertime - and is so beautiful with the snow covered mountains surrounding it.
  • On average, the coolest month of the year in Truckee is December.
  • The most precipitation on average in Truckee occurs in February.
  • The lowest recorded temperature in Truckee was -31.0 degrees in 1965. Brrr....the coldest I was in, in Truckee was -13.0 degrees.

Winter Weather in Truckee

Below, you can find the Truckee Weather Records and Averages for the winter months from The Weather Channel:

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip Rec. High Rec. Low
40.0 F
16.0 F
7.18 in
67.0 F
-31.0 F
42.0 F
15.0 F
5.54 in
61.0 F
-18.0 F
44.0 F
17.0 F
6.83 in
65.0 F
-28.0 F
49.0 F
22.0 F
5.35 in
72.0 F
-10.0 F

View the Truckee Weather Statistics for the rest of the year!

Donner Lake on 2-28-11, taken near one of the Public Piers

Donner Lake on 2-28-11, taken near one of the Public Piers
Photo Credit: Leigh, Owner of

Winter Holidays and Observances -
2023 Season

I'm planning an extensive "Holidays In Truckee" section with a page for each Holiday or Observance. (Pages will be linked up below when completed) Dates without a year, fall on the same day each year. Dates that are moveable, or different each year, will show the year after the date.

Winter Holidays include:

You can find thousands of Holidays and Observations, by checking out my Holiday Website! (link opens a new browser)

Snowboarders hiking up Shallenberger Ridge from Old Hwy 40 in Truckee, CA

Snowboarders hiking up Shallenberger Ridge from Old Hwy 40 in Truckee, CA
Photo Credit: Leigh, Owner of

Fun Truckee Winter Events -
2023 Season

You can check out the Truckee Travel Guide's Event Calendar for more details, but here are some of the Winter Event highlights:

  • Holidays at Squaw  
  • Magical Memories - Holiday Events at the Resort At Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley 
  • Skiing for Schools at the Ski Resorts - various days - See my Discounted Lift Tickets for more details!
  • Heavenly Holidays at the Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe
  • Christmas Pancake Breakfast and Skiing with Santa - December 25th at Tahoe Donner Downhill
  • SnowGlobe Musical Festival in South Lake Tahoe - No longer be held!
  • New Years Eve at Northstar - annual Fire & Ice New Year's Eve Celebration! There will be a DJ, live music, a spectacular Fireworks show, smores, drink specials, shopping, dining, ice skating and more!
  • North Lake Tahoe SnowFest - March 2, 2023 - March 12, 2023

Lake Tahoe in Winter

Lake Tahoe in Winter (taken in January 2010)

Additional Helpful Info. in Winter

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